Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Important Notice: Planglow USA Transition

From June 1st 2018, the Planglow USA business will be managed by DOT IT Restaurant Fulfillment. This business decision is a positive one and will lead to a more streamlined fulfillment process and product support for all existing and potential customers.

The product brand remains Planglow USA.

My team has enjoyed our client/supplier relationship over the past years and wishes to ensure a smooth transition for all those concerned.

Please make a note of updates for the business below:

Phone:                            800-774-0536 [no change]
Contact:                          Barrington Henry

Technical support:
URL:                      [no change]

Credit:                             No new approval required

Warehouse:                    Minneapolis, MN [no change]

Purchase orders:            DOT IT Restaurant Fulfillment, LLC 

Remit Payments to:        DOT IT Restaurant Fulfillment, LLC
                                        PO Box 860272
                                        Minneapolis, MN 55486

For ACH Payments:        DOT IT Restaurant Fulfillment, LLC
                                        US Bank ABA# 091000022
                                        Checking Account# 104790837538

Credit cards accepted:    [no change]
Open account terms:       Net 30 [no change]

DOT IT Restaurant Fulfillment stocks many other restaurant related items which may be of interest to your operations; check them out at

Feel free to contact us with questions concerning this transition.    

Thank you for your support and continued business.

Rick Nelson
Director Planglow USA

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